Kill the Hipster

What’s this shit? Is this a midlife crisis? Is it a revolutionary movement around the world of motorcycles?

The two videos below are just two examples of what these things are, something that cannot be ignored, and it seems the hipster movement in motorcycles is here to stay, at least for a while. Don’t forget there’s a whole lotta café racer flavour in it, and it is probably the new chopper way of life with faster and more scramblered bikes.

I believe every new movement can only be seen from a distance. I guess the first choppers or the first cafés in history were seen as rubbish, and there are many pure heart bikers who hate this movement right now for the same reason.

Hate will never bring us any good, and as I always say, everybody is welcome as long as you’re respectful with the rest, something many forget.

If a motorcycle is a way of life and definitely a way to scape, then what matters does your ride make? Just ride you brother or sister, ride until the end of your gas tank, don’t ya think?

I personally love this new movement, at least the motorcycles that come with it. They are great looking machines, and as many people are getting involved, there’s a better performance every time, so let’s just ride some more fellas.


One thought on “Kill the Hipster

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