2016 MotoGP is over

The season has ended, and we’re all eager to get the new season as soon as possible, but we have to wait a while…

The rides have now blackened, and they look as sharp and dangerous as ever before. Teams are reorganizing their weapons and warriors and some are hiding an ace up their sleeves.

I believe Maverick Viñales can be the greatest surprise next year. This talented rider will sit on one of the most competitive motorcycles on the championship, replacing world champion Jorge Lorenzo and he will be managed by a great team and his teammate is the motorcycle’s Doctor Valentino Rossi.

Some rough moments are for sure to happen between them two, but you know what they say, your teammate is your first enemy.

World Champion Marc Marquez is not happy with this motorcycle. He claims Honda ride still has some acceleration problems, which can be a strategy in order to let his competitors believe he’s weak. He’s nothing but strong, and we all know that.

The 93 rider is now in a draw with Jorge Lorenzo being the only two Spanish riders to hold three world championships in the big boys category. That matters for both and each of them will do their very best to get ahead.

Lorenzo is now riding the worst badass beast on two wheels ever created by mankind. It seems the italians have sold their souls to the devil to make this engine boost the way it does. Who knows what secret deals italians can make!

The problem with the Ducati has always been that not everyone can tame the pure evil of this device. If Jorge is to do that, I believe there won’t be virtually anyone to get hold of him. However; if he can’t tame the beast, I don’t expect to see him any position further than 10th or even behind.

Casey Stoner is there having a look at the new Ducati rider, and forces combined in order to overthrow Valentino Rossi from the king’s throne.


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