Is she a tart?

You can blame society, motorcycle world, models, industry or whatever… but motorcycles are promoted with barely dressed women on them… But is she really a tart?.

What’s behind the strippers in motorcycle events? Is mass media and the misperception of women around motorcycle world changing this all?

I believe women involved in motorcycle life are not like that, obviously hard to say for all of them. However; it is true that mostly male driven events would hire strippers and even prostitutes for motorcycle events. In that case most of them are women who are there for whatever reasons, and not because they are enthusiasts I would say.

In most cases the women involved are playing a role and they are just pretending they are what many men would like them to be. No wonder if you want to get a man’s attention nothing better than a bikini and a pair of boobs.

Real women riding motorbikes are not like this, and the sole idea of a woman riding a bike on sexy clothes goes radically against common sense. Motorcycles are dangerous and cold, so you need to protect from the weather, the drift of the asphalt and probably too many eyes staring at you.

Cinema, video games and TV shows are probably making us have the wrong impression.


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