Outlaw Bikers

A lot has been said about outlaw bikers, MCs and various lifestyles, but what’s the truth?

Many of what we know as outlaw MCs are organisations that have promoted motorcycling and a lifestyle beyond borders and life boundaries and we easily despise them or talk some rubbish about it.

I get a different approach to the topic, some of them are, some of them aren’t, but I try not to judge them and understand the issue as it is.

People must be aware that most of the things known and thought about outlaw bikers is a mere fiction seen in Sons of Anarchy, great series not for being too realistic I’d say, but for the story and how it’s done.

The base of a biker is to gather from time to time with other riders and have a great time. That’s a fantastic thing really and there’s nothing to complain about, right?

Let’s put it this way, if you’re an outlaw, you’re friends are going to be outlaws. If you’re a stamp collector, your friends might be collectors too. If a gang is an outlaw gang it’s the police business I think. As long as you don’t get on with them and don’t do their stuff there shouldn’t be any problem at all, right?

I see the allegedly outlaws in motorcycle events and the environment and relations are always fine. People must be free, and get free of judgement, I’m just saying…

See you on the road!


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