Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Take a Bonnie T120 and make it look like anything else in this world, a Bobber style machine with modern day technology and make it trending topic in the motorcycle world, and that’s the only way you can imagine this beauty that has just come to life.

Triumphs have always looked good to me in a Bobber suit, I actually believe they make better bobbers than Harleys as, I don’t know, that parallel suited in a rigid looks just the most harmonious to me.

But not everyone is willing to ride a rigid these days. To make a daily commute bike takes some more than just the looks according to today’s standards, and that’s exactly what Triumph has made, updating their iconic Bonnie as if it were designed by a badass custom builder, but still keeping the commodities that only a production bike can offer. Superb.

Just below the adjustable position seat comes the spring of a hidden suspension that comforts a rigid-frame looking chassis. A new version of the clever softail Harley created a while ago.

I don’t know how easy or difficult is the access to that battery, but I love its position on this motorcycle taking a much lower place than other versions of the classic parallel. The fact that this bike was created out of a Bonneville will probably make it more rideable than the cruiser line-up, so we can also expect some more than decent level of performance on this machine and not just the look.

Yeah that’s an ass baby!

This motorcycle is a clear competitor to the Harley Davidson 48, and it would be incredibly difficult to decide for one or the other. They’re both too good looking. One aspect that gets my attention is that this Triumph Bobber will make a better mileage as it has a bigger tank and it looks comfy for the long-haul.

Both the seat and the clock are adjustable to the rider’s preference, so as you can see Triumph has given a thought to the slightest detail, or so it seems. However; most of the characteristics here are suppositions as Triumph hasn’t disclosed much of it yet.

It is funny to think this bike has tracktion control, ABS, EFI system, throtle by ride by wire throtle and all kinds of modern elechtronics we just can’t see, where the heck are they?

A mono-shock is a new feature for a classic Triumph, as we are all used to getting the dual shocks so widely known in the motorcycle world. This one looks and might perform more modern once you get to see it and feel it.

We were not as lucky as the MCN guys, but I guess we can borrow their video to let you know a bit more about this beauty.

And the original promo video from the creators.


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