Ancient Riders

Old hunters were mere opportunists who would scavenge on nearly anything available and who developed a taste for meat. That made them increase their brain and start a complex communication system that enabled them some group hunting. Compared to dead animals found in the forest, fresh meat must have tasted delicious.

Horses were a part of human’s diet until someone thought that beast could be ridden around 4,000 BC. First riders in history appeared.

The ancient riders were daredevils, probably admired in the same way Evel Knievel or Valentino Rossi are admired today.

What kind of visionary it was the one who first rode a bronco and how could that person tame and become one unity with such a glorious animal, and the power unleashed from that very moment.

Hunting, fighting or travelling would never be the same. What a feeling when the breeze caresses your face and a whole new perspective of the world. Riding is in our genes, but not in everybody’s, only in heirs of those brave men and women who dared.

It’s in our genes, it’s who we are.

A discovery as big as fire or the wheel. Nothing came closer to that until the very first moment in which someone tried to make a metal horse with an engine that out powered the animal muscle, but that’s another story.



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