…and Rossi out …and Lorenzo out … AND NEW WORLD CHAMPION!!!

Has Motegui been the final chance for Valentino Rossi? The unbelievable happened today, and both rival riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo fell off their motorcycle at Honda’s house. Marc Marquez new MotoGP World Champion!


I’d have loved to see this new world title decided in Valencia, in a final race in which the winner of the race would also win the championship, but we’re not even getting to Australia, as what happened in 2014, Marc Marquez gets crowned in Motegui.

A mature rider this 23 year-old Spaniard probably the chosen one to break all outstanding records so far. He’s been lucky today, but it was just a matter of time for him to take this chapionship and this five-time champion is getting closer and closer in numbers to Valentino. We will see what will happens in the future, but do not forget Maverick Viñales will start teasing him a bit soon.

Marc Marquez is now a 125 world champion, Moto 2 world champion and three-time MotoGP world champion. That makes him draw with Jorge Lorenzo as they both have three MotoGP world titles in Spain, the only ones only followed by Alex Criville who won one 500 title.

He’s only 23 years old. History will tell.

And what’s going on with the tyres?

More than sixty crashes this weekend, Michelin is not as trustworthy as Bridgestone was, as they need some more time to readjust and every track is a new track for them. My guess is that it’s going to be better net year, but so far still struggling.

It was great how Marquez drifted them over Japanese lands and made me feel like some old 500’s when bikes had no traction control and two strokes were a power explosion. However; it wasn’t that good looking for many riders.

See you on the Road!


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