Getting closer to the end of a battle

I would have bet that Dani Pedrosa was to take this weekend’s Moto GP at Motegi, but having seen the events that is not going to be possible. The Spaniard crashed and broke a collarbone, it seems this kid is always breaking once he hits the ground, and that’s why he’s not a Moto GP champion.

The one who is a world champion is Valentino Rossi 46, the people’s favourite and the most well known face of this sport. An old man riding against kids, experience versus hunger. It is difficult, but the italian still holds a chance to get his 10th championship. I think that’s what he dreams of before retiring, but something tells me he’s not going to make it. Nine world championships in different categories is not a bad record anyway.

The most hated rider is my favourite, Jorge Lorenzo 99, the rebel, the guy people don’t understand, the personality many despise, but a demon on two wheels, fast as a bullet and as effective as death can be. He was the first Spaniard to beat Valentino, after years of suffering fellow rider Sete Gibernau suffered.

When Valentino gets his own medicine is not as happy as he is when he’s winning, and the battle begins when a revolutionary rider came into action and shook the foundations of the motorcycle races. The latest winner of the Aragon GP, Marc Marquez, is finally accounting the long distance in order to use valuable points at the service of getting his now more possible third world championship.

Valentino and Marc have had more than words, and their riding became a bit rough. They seem to have calmed down a bit, but the egos are still riding and fighting for a first position on the podium. New blood got the sport by surprise, but Valentino still adapted to this new situation and is still competitive.

What’s not known is what’s to happen with the current Suzuki rider Maverick Viñales, because he will be Valentino’s first rival next season, riding in his very own box. Little kids soon learn and the first ones to attack are those closer to them.

But I guess it is current team mate Jorge Lorenzo the one that can really make a stand next year riding a Ducati. Remember that the italian could not tame a motorcycle that Casey Stoner made world champion, and in addition to that, the Andreas Iannoe and Dovizioso are making best use of that machine that he did. But if Valentino ‘Best Rider of All Times’ Rossi is to be beaten by Jorge riding a Ducati, the psichological impact that can have could be tremendous.

It is more than a sport, it is life and death on two wheels. Modern world is forgetting pride, blood and manners in our sugarless, cafeineless, alcohol less vainilla world. Motorcycle is still a glimpse of older times when life and death were a heartbeat away in the circus or in the battle fields.

I am willing to see the warrior tomorrow doing their best in a clean racer, risking their lives to get a milisecond before their rival.


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