How original is it to be a part of a trend? The retro bike, or hipster motorcycles, or modern classics or whatever you want to call them are here, and hopefully to stay. I’ve always had a problem with too modern bikes, they just looked too modern for me!

That’s why I mostly enjoyed Harley Davidsons and cruiser bikes with the classic look, but after Triumph issued the classic looking Bonneville, a whole explosion of retro bikes came to the market, basically to make me and many others feel happy!

The Bonneville T100 is a complete modern motorcycle with EFI system and more modern versions even include ABS and different riding modes. However; the look goes back to the 60’s and the café racer scene.

Find the BMW R nine T above, a bike made to compete in the market and to celebrate the brand 90 anniversary.This is pure BMW roadster muscle with a great retro look and no paralever or telever to make things strange. Just what you can see, plus electronics and BMW reliability.

Yamaha XSR 900 is the Japanese manufacturer view of this phenomenon. They are building a worldwide net of modified machines and their motorcycles look great now.

Honda has its unique view of the classic bike with the CB1100 family, great looking and performing machine as you can see.

Ducati attacked with a Scrambler, so they can get a bit out of the café scene and can mostly be compared to the Triumph Scrambler, another part of this big phenomenon.

And there are other manufacturers I am leaving out like Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki and on we go… but the question is, where is the originality? it seems to me everyone wants a piece of the cake.

But the hipster scene is something more than motorcycles themselves, is about a lifestyle and a way to get back to old traditions and moments in which people enjoyed freedom and modifying bikes was a great hobby to reach a bit more performance and a greater look. They got me into this, that’s for sure.


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