Adventure Riding

Adventure is a part of myself, it’s written in my genes, and I do not waste any chance to get out there.

I was lucky enough to ride a Ducati Multistrada to Zurich from Southern Spain, a trip that crosses half of Europe and which is a third time for me as you can see here. Well, I was asked to take it back to Switzerland and hell yeah!

Oh what a bike! it looks great! and other flattery stuff was everything I could hear anywhere along the route anytime I stopped. A 20K bike looks impressive at all times! I rode all Spain from South to North East, crossed the Pyrenees and got into France, just to head East along the Mediterranean and pay a visit to Italy.

Italy on a Ducati is something completely different, you’re riding the machine where it belongs, and that’s amazing really. However; I must say it was even better riding the Swiss Alps, and the infamous St. Gotthard Pass was a lifechanging experience!

The pass connects southern and northern Switzerland, and I headed to it after crossing Northern Italy through Lugano. The landscapes were breathtaking at all times, endless forests with plenty of sunshine. The typical Swiss image is that of icy and snowy mountains, but I was lucky enough to get great weather!

At the top of St. Gotthard Pass there were lakes and fog, the remains of glaciers waiting to be frozen soon again. I think I have never taken a better route after all these years of riding motorbikes.

The preparation for this trip was easy, I prepared a bag with the very minimum baggage, a navigator and gas in the tank. Everything else can be improvised along. I found many bikers, many people and many experiences just living life to the full… GAAAAAZZZZZZ!!!!!!

See you on the road!


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