Back on the road again

I am coming back on the road again, with a great feeling and a great job to be done. I will cross Europe again on a motorcycle, completely alone and not too sure about the weather, which are great ingredients for adventure..

The Bike

No words to describe the amount of power this beast delivers, something too incredible to be true. A great bike to be ridden on any roads, but let’s be honest, this is no off road bike, this is a superbike with high suspensions for comfort touring.

The Dude

Anyone could think I am the archetype of a cruiser rider. Long beard, beer belly, tattoos, headbanger… and what the heck, yes I am! However; I am also a motorcycle enthusiast who loves speed, off roading and anything motorbike related since my early years, so no wonder I can be found doing stuff with other types of bikes.

The Route

It’s a well known one, something I’ve previously done, despite the fact I am taking an alternative this time. Riding Italy on a Ducati is something that cannot be avoided.

The Plan

I cannot let you know the reasons, but as I have to make the trip anyway, I will post beautiful photos on Instagram and will create a video soon. I hope I can capture the entire essence of this magnificent trip.


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