Finally for Ducati! Was Iannone decision a mistake?

Congratulations to the Ducati team, after six years since Casey Stoner’s times, a new victory for the red Scuderia.

And it was also a first victory to Andrea Iannone in Moto GP as well, and no need to say all the history with the team, but what’s more shocking is that he will be sacked by the end of the season.

Let it rain

Psychologically, the effect on Andrea Dovizioso that this Iannone victory may have would not be easy to manage. He was chosen to stay in a firm, and he has not been the one to give the long wanted victory.

It seems to me that nobody on the paddock, except for the italian legend Valentino Rossi, can actually ride better than him under pouring rain. The latest events are just making things more and more interesting and Dovizioso will want to prove that the already competitive motorbike can also win being ridden by him.

No races since ’97

What a track this Austrian one, I love it! It is understandable and some circuits have to get out from the championship, but some are more missed than others. I didn’t really have a memory of this one, and I enjoyed the race in it.

Typically stop and go track, with beautiful surroundings and killer bends after many straights where to accelerate to the maximum speed. Fastest track so far! I hope to see many more years on this track.

Suzuki and Lorenzo should be happy today

If there were any doubt at all that the Ducati is a competitive bike, it should have got cleared by now. The 2016 Ducati is not only the fastest beast on the Moto GP, but also a competitive bike which have been tamed to a power delivery which enables cornering safely. Lorenzo, you’re taking a great bike next year!

And Suzuki is the next to come, I am sure that they will have a great bike very soon, and we just have to see how Maverick Viñales is doing with it this year, they can now be sure of two things.

First, Iannone is a great rider and he is maturing well on the tracks, just in case anyone doubted he was a badass that crashes into anybody. Second, he will do whatever it takes to beat Lorenzo 99 on a Ducati next year, for his own pride.

Hondas down

Not their weekend, especially for Marc Marquez who ended up with a dislocated shoulder. In addition Dani Pedrosa fell off the bike too and none of them were really comfortable today. But Marc Marquez 93 still has a gap that gives him the chance to take it easy in some races when he’s not fit enough, and still think of the world championship which he does have a chance to win.

Ducati saving tyres

The soft and medium tyres chosen by Iannone shocked me at first, so much I thought it might cost him a fall. I was wrong, the Ducati did not destroyed the tyres as I expected, and they were great all the race, so that proves it was the right decision for him.

A not too long track and the riding modes available on the bike’s electronics can really save tyres at the end of the race. It was Dovizioso, riding hard tyres as anybody else, who could only challenge teammate, but without success as today it was Iannone’s day.

Rossi’s fate

The italian anthem sounded today, but not for the 46. A fourth position just behind teammate Jorge Lorenzo is not a bad place to be, but his chances for the tenth world title seem to be getting smaller. But the champion is not defeated yet, and we will hopefully enjoy the 46 rider for a long while. Come on Valentino Rossi!

Casey Stoner and Mick Doohan

If Ducati wanted a talisman in the box, nothing could have been better than two men with some things in common, both Australians, both Moto GP legends, both world champions with Honda. What a day at the races!


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