Top 5 Luxury Machines

The definition of luxury varies from chap to chap. I was born in a humble town, son of a humble family, in a humble area which suddenly became one of the most luxurious of the world. Costa del Sol still exhibits luxury everywhere, anytime.

But luxury ain’t a great mansion or an exclusive four-wheeler… here’s a top 5 Luxury Machines, and lucky us bikes, despite their exclusiveness, they’re probably cheaper than other luxurious stuff out there.

No. 5

Confederate B120 Wraith

Pure V-Twin muscle at around $92,000. Luxury comes in exclusivity and power, but definitely not in equipment. Solo seat, and mostly mechanical parts define its aesthetics this american muscle would make most riders wet their pants. As all Confederates, only for a few chosen ones.

No. 4

MV Agusta F4CC

F*ck Ferraris, italian speed machines are definitely the MV Agustas, stylish, super powerful and more expensive than my apartment. At $120,000 this machine would make its rider enjoy a race track nearly as much as you would with a superbike. Some get it to go round the corner to have a coffee, and that really means you are rich if that’s your daily ride innit?

Image result for MV Agusta F4CC

No. 3

Icon Sheene

So... what's your ride again?

Nah, the Barry Sheene motorcycle...

250 horse power motorcycle, only 52 units in this blue planet and a great looking piece of art preceeding performance make this jewel the wet dream of any speed bike fan. Nothing to add, just contemplate it!

Image result for icon sheene

No. 2

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship

This million dollar baby is something more than an ugly painted V-Rod, it is a moving piece of art by Jack Armstrong, and it is the most exclusive motorcycle you can now get from the Milwaukee firm. Modern art and a Harley Davidson, can you ever ask for anything else?

No. 1

Hilderbrand & Wolfmuller. Simply the first motorcycle, coming at a price of $3.5 M for obvious reasons, these motorcycles were only in production for three years, from 1894 to 1897, which make them unique and more exclusive than the ones previously shown!

Image result for Hildebrand & Wolfmuller


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