Photographs, blogs, films, music all show a lifestyle we would love. Living the high life, feeling free!

But we do not always get to do that at all times. We must comply with a job, family, a boss, friends and so on… things that get you hooked.

However; I pity the fool who does not get out from time to time and forget everything in the world. So that’s what I did last weekend. I got on the bike and rode to the desert.

Almeria is in southern Spain, a famous place for shooting uncountable films from Spaghetty Westerns to Conan the Barbarian. A place anyone would get lost in.

I barely spoke to anyone, I barely interact with the world, I only took part of the sorroundings being another rock, another bird in the sky, another fish underwater… but not another biker on the road.

Camping under a partly cloudy sky, next to the shore, made me think, made me wonder inside my own thoughts, made me listen to myself, and gave me a profound inner peace.

I kept riding the next day, and I kept living some adventures right before Monday mood. I promise a video to come and much more about that trip, so far, just wanted to share some of that experience.

See you on the road guys!


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