Fear of Falling Down

The German GP was hard for all riders… and as it always happens in the rain, it is more of a lottery game than a race

Fortune was on the side of Honda, and it was their strategy which won the race. However; not so deserved this time, I think. But you can find plenty of info about Dovi, Marquez, Rossi and the Continental Circus everywhere.

I want to focus on Jorge Lorenzo 99 this time, as he had a shitty weekend

He was not the only one who failed, actually Marc Marquez fell off the bike on the warm up, but it was Lorenzo who actually feared of falling down.

What happens in a rider’s mind when there’s a crash?

I remember strange noises, metal crashing tarmac crashing into more metal. I didn’t see it coming, and I fell off with my motorcycle over my leg. I needed more than a month to fully recover. I didn’t even take the motorcycle to the mechanic after that.

I knew I would ride again, no doubt, but you sometimes need some time to re-adapt, at least normal people might need it.

Professional riders are much better than us, and can recover in a much shorter time, but they sometimes need that time too. Those moments of solitude in which you find yourself, get the strength once again and come back to riding like a beast.

But that was not possible for Jorge Lorenzo this weekend, and there’s nothing worse than sitting on a motorcycle not knowing what will happen.

He went on track with one simple thought in mind, not falling down, and you cannot win doing that. His rookie year in the biggest category was a hell of crashes, and he started fearing the crash.

Many riders retired because of this, I hope you still have some more laps dude, as next season’s Ducati is a stallion difficult to tame!


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