We live on borrowed time, hope turned to dust. Nothing is forgiven we fight for every crust.

I will never forget your smile, and I will never forget your bravery, things that will come with me for the rest of my life.

Fear is an instinct useful for surviving. Fear activates your brain in a way nothing else would, and it make you scape or attack. That is the only use of fear. We all depend on it in order to live.

Cowardice is the disease by which fear controls your life, your inner self, and it controls humans by not letting them out of their comfort zones.

I have never met a coward riding a motorcycle. Risking one’s limbs leaning closer to the guardrail does not make you a coward.

Everybody with a bunch of dollars can get a motorcycle, but that will not make you a biker. Real bikers live their lives and dreams on two wheels, and you can get how much they’ve lived by the miles they’ve ridden, by having a closer look to their eyes and see their expression.

Cowardice will never make you get far, a bit of craziness will. Entrepreneurs, conquistadors, explorers, soldiers, travellers, revolutionaries… were all people who could control their fears, and acted despite it.

The coward thinks the braves is not afraid, but we all are when it comes to the time, only the one who faces it goes beyond.

One has to be very brave to live one’s life





2 thoughts on “Cowardice

    • They do rock, just willing to be able to do something like them soon!


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