Make me wanna shout!

Work, shit, get up, get down, pay, earn, pay again, work, eat, cook, clean, wee, shit, shower, brush, clean, sleep, get up, sit down, do, undo, make, remake, shit, eat, drink, wee, get up, clean, close, open, make, do, shit…

And it makes me wanna shout!

How have humans become so stupid? The price of evolution and technological revolution is just fucking our lives up? Well, I guess it is a bit, but at least for me, not all the time…


It`s just a matter of shouting the world you do not belong to all that nonsense at all times. It’s easy, a rumbling motorcycle engine makes me escape from all that.

But let’s be honest, you have to pay the bills, one way or another. You can be an outlaw or an honest person, it doesn’t matter at all, you have to pay insurance, tyres, oil, gas…

But don’t let them grab you by the neck forever, don’t let them! Escape, ride your iron horse somewhere lost, fuck life as if you are fucking the most beautiful woman on Earth, ’cause that’s what life is meant for.
Yes, we do have to obey sometimes, but that cannot be our motto in life, ’cause at the end of the day, you’re also going to die, and there won’t be no turning back from that.
Whatever you have to drink, to ride, to enjoy, it has to be in this fucking life. Who knows or who cares about any other life after this one. I wanna leave a very old and rotten corpse behind a wonderful life full of experiences and smiles.
Don’t take things too seriously, ’cause they won’t mean a fucking shit when you’re gone. But we’re still here, aren’t we?
Let’s ride!

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