Let there be rain!

Can a rider jump from Moto3 to MotoGP? Well Jack Miller was the answer, skipping a too competitive Moto2 category, and the rain, the rain changed it all!


Sad day for Valentino Rossi 46, who did a sensational race until he fell off the bike. Rain riding seems more than a bingo game than a real competition.

Red flagging the race for security reasons seemed to have caused more falls than staying under the heavy rain. Riders took it less seriously and started riding more aggressively, but it didn’t work out as the track was still wet as hell.

Disappointing Jorge Lorenzo 99 who didn’t fight, not even try at all. He doesn’t really like this track and he hasn’t really overcome his crashers in Assen, but he managed to stay on ย the bike and took some valuable points that might be useful later on this season.

Marc Marquez 93 was pure intelligence, as he resisted on the bike on the front, not fighting against anyone and leaving rivals to fall down on their own. Wet races are what they are…

We still and will always miss you Luis Salom!!!!

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