The Catalunya MotoGP

I know it’s a bit late for this MotoGP chronicle, but the Catalunya MotoGP was different this year. It is always sad to see a rider depart from life, but inspiring at the same time. It gives us the legendary feel that motorcycle riders are heroes.

We saw the typical MotoGP race, with the typical MotoGP action in the front line. However; Jorge Lorenzo came out of the equation, until Iannone pushed him from the back and both riders came down.

Iannone got all the blame for his action, and this makes us think once again how dangerous this sport can be. Especially after the tragic Friday we lived.

As the magical balance always works in MotoGP, the unfortunate incident with Valentino Rossi’s engine has now been worked out with Lorenzo’s no scoring race. Now we have Marc Marquez leading the championship and we know that is going to give him  the push he needs.

For Rossi, he luckily won in his rival-team-mate home, a track where he feels good, so the battle is still there, making both riders more and more passionate about the races.

The championship has still a long way to go, any bets?


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