Rebuilding Burt Munro

If you don’t follow through on your dreams, you might as well be a vegetable.

Burt Munro

When one is chasing something, that goal vanishes a million times until you get there, the ability to rebuild your dreams and expectations is essential to the life adventurer.

Rebuilding your passion is a part of life. Everything moves and evolves, and you’re supposed to go with it. The story of Mr Burt Munro inspired me and taught me a lesson that would come with me for the rest of my life.

No other story tells in a more graphic way how he rebuilt everything around him, as he had to physically rebuild his old Indian Motorcycle into a bullet that would make it the world fastest Indian.

Most motorcycle customizers on the television have an incredible garage, modern technology and a whole team looking after the project. Burt worked in this shed in New Zealand, and he invented everything he lacked.

He rebuilt engine parts from such a strange objects as door handles, and he used the blown parts as a way to see how the process was going.

His famous ‘OFFERINGS TO THE GOD OF SPEED’ are no more than ways of affecting failure not as failure, but as the necessary steps needed to complete a very long and difficult task.

His determination taught many how to rebuild our dreams, and how to proceed living a life full of colour no matter what, no matter how.

Dedicated to all those who has a dream in life


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