Yamaha engine ruined Rossi’s race

 What’s up with those M-1 engines? Lorenzo 99 broke one during the warm-up and Valentino Rossi 46 was even more unfortunate breaking the engine during a fantastic race.

It was a great race, but it could have been much better if Rossi had played his part


Italy was waiting for the pole position man to hit the race track and fight against his worst enemies, but none of that happened.

Yamaha has to make some homework and check what was wrong with those engines, as both riders broke the motor in the same weekend, and that’s no coincidence.

Lorenzo made a terrific start coming to the first position and marked an unbelievable time with a great and constant pace. We will never know whether Rossi could have overtaken him or not, but that would have been a hell of a battle.

Marc Marquez went after Lorenzo, and both riders gave us what could probably be the best battle in what we’ve seen of the championship so far. When Lorenzo seemed to have lost everything against Marquez, he passed the 93 by 19 milliseconds and crossed the line a bit, little bit ahead… so 99 won!

The italians did see an italian rider on the podium, it was Andrea Dovizioso who came third, sending a message to Ducati Team, are you sure you prefer Iannone? Motorcycles are this cruel sometimes, good luck in Suzuki mate!


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