Around the world

It is a constant you can find in many motorcycle riders out there, travelling around the world on a motorbike…

I guess Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman are quite responsible for that, but do not forget the master, the very first person to attempt, and fulfill, in going around the globe on a motorbike, Ted Simon.

Which of them would you imitate?

Mr Ted Simon took the very best bike available that time, which is still available with modern day technology, I mean the Triumph Bonneville, or a Scrambler if we want the most refined term according to modern motorcycle diaries.

Riding the world on a Scrambler must be way fun, if it’s an old timer imagine all that can happen to you. The picture above shows some drum brakes, have you even considered that?

Modern Classics these days sport a modern engine and modern amenities, but the retro classic look. Imagine doing it on a Harley Davidson looking this dammed beautiful while you’re lightning your cigarette?

You need to have her look, and doing it in short shorts to show those sexy long legs with high heels can not be that cool while crossing Africa through muddy roads.

I once read that the definition of an adventure was to do things without the appropriate equipment, like taking a Honda CBR off road and see what happens.

I have a friend who used to take all plastic parts out of this CBR and ride it like a maniac off road, but that’s another story.

Most guys would definitely take a BMW GS1200 or a KTM Adventure to do the task, and fly with a high end technology machine above the dirt roads of the world.

However; guys like Ewan McGregor have proved that bikes like this have certain problems added, like how tall they are. Most of the guys who fall from one is because they cannot reach the floor properly.

They’re very heavy machines that can get stuck in mud, sand or in traffic as they’re bulky enough to need plenty of room for them.

But they are very cool, especially when they’re covered in mud and have some crashes with bumped cases and lots of stickers from all around the world!

My vision of travelling around the world is a bit of both worlds. If I were to get on something like this -which I hope I will one day- I wouldn’t know which bike to choose. A ducati scrambler would do the job the same way a Multistrada would, but at the end of the day, it would all be a matter of destiny, and not that much your whole idea of it.

Dreaming, daydreaming and visualizing are worth doing while we are living our ordinary lives, taking action is what only heroes do.

See you on the road!



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