5 Reasons why motorcycles have a soul

I sometimes drive people mad when I tell them this crazy theory, but I do believe a motorcycle has a soul.

It can all be explained in five steps, click below and discover.

Reason One: Make it your own

A motorbike is something you can customize. I believe that a two wheeler is by definition a piece of art once it’s gone out the production line. Engineers have put a lot of work to make it look good and work efficiently for you. However; only its rider knows how to improve it to the limit, how to make it unique.

Once that’s being done, there’s no other bike like yours, and isn’t it what defines things with a soul? Being unique?

Reason Two: It defines you, you define it

The motorbike you ride is an extension of your personality. I don’t ride a Triumph Speedmaster as a coincidence, I chose that motorbike, or it chose me. According to quantum physics it would be exactly the same thing, so motorbikes have an intention.

Isn’t that another definition of things which have a soul?

Reason Three: Your experiences

Whoever you are, it is the sum of adventures, troubles and experiences you’ve lived so far what makes you who you are.

My bike has a memory of roads, people, kilometres, experiences just like the memories I keep with my friends, family or my old lady.

Wouldn’t you call that having a soul? Would you be friend with someone who didn’t have one?

Reason Four: Life and Death

The definition of a living thing is that of a being which needs to be fueled, that produces an excretion in exchange and that it can manage handling its own temperature in order not to overheat or get too cold. Isn’t that a bike?

Motorcycles get old, they have a teen age in which they spring like anyone else, and only by being taken care of can last long. Isn’t that having a soul!

Reason Five: The world is looking at you

But what definitely gives something a soul is the way we see that thing in particular. When I look at my motorcycle, is not the same as looking another iron horse I find out there, my motorbike is especial!

And so the people look at you riding and they get an emotion, we inflict the soul into our rides, and that’s how they can come to life!

Motorcycles have a spirit, and you only need to ride some more to discover it!


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