Lorenzo’s Clash in Le Mans

The number 99 rider seemed to have won the Le Mans GP so easily, but nothing is easy in this sport. However; one rider after another seem to beat everybody else being the fastest. After Rossi, it was time for Lorenzo.

The debate about Michelin tyres is still open, and some riders are complaining about the tyre pressure. It seems lighter riders like Dani Pedrosa would prefer to have less pressure on their wheels, which wouldn’t make their bikes to bounce that much.

That could be the reason why so many riders fell off. Tyres will always be a great debate anyway. But at this time no more excuses are needed, that’s what you have to ride guys.

It seems Dani Pedrosa is currently flirting with Yamaha team, let’s see if Honda lets him go as he is great setting and tuning a not so fast Honda this year, could it be that Casey Stoner is no longer with them? Ducatis are going fast aren’t they?

And Mr Rossi is now happy as he knows Lorenzo will no longer be the rival at his box, but Lorenzo 99 will continue to be a strong rider from whom he should be aware of. The championship is thriving and I am very happy to see those guys.

Marquez and Dovizioso decided to fall down exactly at the same time, better luck next time guys.

See you on the road!


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