Ducati Globe Trotter 90º

Ducati is now in the preparation of celebrating 90 years of history. The Ducatisti around the world can be happy about the anniversary, and so am I.

Ducati Globe Trotter 90º

Ducati is now making a trip around the world on the fantastic Multistrada Enduro, and I have obviously applied for it. Do you think you can beat me on that? well click on the picture above and give it a try!

One of the very best events in my life happened last year when I was hired to take one Multistrada from Marbella to Zurich, Switzerland, and come back with another -brand new one- to Marbella once again. I did it in five days, just because I took the journey back home easy and I enjoyed the ride a bit more laid back. You don’t want to speed up too much on a new bike, do you?

The preparation of a trip like this is great fun, and so it’s the logistics to make everything work together, but once you sit on the bike and throttle up, when you see your home-town getting smaller in the mirror until it disappears… then you realize you’re on your own, and the magic starts.

I clearly remember every single corner, every accelerating overtake and every single move on the motorcycle, it was way lot of fun and I couldn’t help but riding all day long. The places you get, the people you meet, everything is pura vida, pure life experience.

Swimming in a lake in the French Alpes really made me relax a bit from the thrill of the road, and think something I have always thought since I was a kid, something I’ve always known… I will always keep on riding until the very day death takes me off a motorcycle.

And as usual, the fact that I might not be chosen doesn’t mean I will not keep on riding long haul trips around the world…

See you on the road guys!


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