Bikers and The Origin of Motorcycles

Some God had the great idea of giving men a faster way to move, but it was men who had to discover how to do it. Someone had the crazy idea of riding a horse, and since then, a new breed was born.

Even though bicycles were somewhere in between, I strongly believe that motorcycles are iron horses. Those majestic creatures did as much as the discovery of fire or agriculture for people, but only a few daredevils rode them.

Bicycles were great inventions. These devices allowed greater speed, especially downhill, and the later invention of pedals and the chain really helped them out.

But bicycles are powered by human muscle, and we know humans are not that strong really, so a combustion engine had to be applied to it at a certain point. Despite the fact that the first prototypes powered steam engines and made of wood…

…until the fire engine and the iron combined in a motorcycle, and perfection was created.

Everything involving motorcycles is sacred, it’s a spiritual sensation that involves magic and risk. Too much freedom is always a responsibility and in occasions, too much to handle.

Motorcycles are poisonous, and you get hooked to them for a lifetime. If you’re a real biker; there are not many things that can make you stop riding. Death maybe.

And death is a lovely woman, as beautiful as she is dangerous, and that’s why we love her.

But motorcycles are all about living a full life, not about death. Travellers who move around riding are real adventurers, while those who take a plane would only be tourists no matter what they do in their luxury hotels.

The smell of the fumes, the noise, the burnt rubber and the confessions inside the helmet are things any biker out there understands and live. For the rest we’re just a bunch of crazy people…

Army Of The Fallen Bikers

See you on the road!


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