…but a very fast bitch, specially in Austin where nobody could follow him!

It is not fair to feed the monster and make the rivalry grow bigger and bigger. I personally think riders are warriors who must fight a difficult battle, but in the track and with fair play. A motorcycle rider is risking his life to show us a great show, and a personality like Rossi must understand that and not give some dirty hooligang strategies to this beautiful sport.

But we can always say he didn’t see what was written on the picture, which might be true, all my respect to Mr Valentino Rossi.

The Slippery Surface

Austin race track was a very slippery surface yesterday, as most riders explained later. Jorge Lorenzo was a rocket launching at the race start, as usual, and he nearly got out on the first corner, and the second… as Yamaha’s could not stop well. He had fallen off during the warm up too.

Unfortunately for Valentino Rossi, it was a bit of the same, but he crashed on the track, which is now making things more difficult for the italian’s champion if he wants to get a 10th world championship title.

There were more crashes, and I must say it was sad what happened to Dovizioso, who came from being pulled down by his teammate in Argentina, just to see how Dani Pedrosa crashed into on the track.


Very disappointing weekend for both of them, but it was fantastic to see an apology. I don’t know how Dovizioso have taken it, but I’d say fair enough. What this sport needs is gentlemen behaving like that, as it is risky enough.

Dani Pedrosa lost traction of his motorbike and fell, with the worst of lucks, he crashed into Dovizioso quite badly and both riders ended their races there. Marquez continued for a while, just to give up.

We saw the Spaniard going for an apology to the italian even before trying to get to his bike. And we saw him going to Dovi’s box afterwards for a second apology to him and his whole team.

What do you want me to say, I liked that. We need more of that. I don’t want to judge other issues or other riders, I just want to emphasize the gesture, and I would love to see it as the norm.

The Winner

Marc Marquez made a terrific race, and as it has been so far, nobody can beat him in USA land. He says that land inspires him, and so it must be when nobody could follow him at all. He was an alien and made a race on his own.

Jorge Lorenzo could have won and beaten everyone else being unchallenged if Marc Marquez didn’t exist, but he made another great second position.

Andrea Iannone was third, after Dovizioso and Pedrosa crash, but that’s part of the races too.

A great Maverick Viñales came afterwards, after beating his teammate Aleix Espargaro, so the may be Yamaha rider did his best of the Suzuki, and we had a relaxed but interesting Grand Prix.

We’ll talk about it in Jerez, where, by the way, I will be both watching the races, and most importantly, at the greatest party and motorcycle event in Europe riding the streets of the city full of motorcycles. I’ll bring a video, I promise.+

First news on Instagram, come on and follow!

See you on the road.


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