Lorenzo Ducati

That would be a space rocket on two wheels!

No… not you man…

Ducati has developed the fastest motorcycle in the paddock, and once more, it’s not enough to beat Yamahas and Hondas, thinking straight as a kid might think, wouldn’t the fastest bike win easily above the rest?

Ducatis make many riders wet their pants as the power delivery of that motorcycle is pure evil. That person who can control it and is not afraid to corner. The paradigm of Ducati riding is Casey Stoner, as we all know.

Ducati employed the aussie rider to try their bikes and he incredibly made a better time than Iannone and Dovizioso, which is not good for them as that clearly showed the Scuderia that their bikes can be ridden even faster.

And what rider from the current paddock is fast and swift, and would dare to fight hell for a victory the same way Stoner did? Jorge Lorenzo skills are probably the closest to Casey Stoner’s, so Ducati saw it clear, let’s give a whole bunch of cash to Lorenzo to see if he walks out from Yamaha.

What benefits would Jorge get getting in Ducati?

Leaving a world champion motorcycle to get on one that has not won a single race in a while is a difficult decision for someone who wants to keep winning world championships, but…

Valentino Rossi is his worst enemy, and he is inside the same box, so he can lose sight of him and become a true enemy of his.

And he can prove many that he did not get the world championship just by being lucky, but that he’s a great rider.

He can also make Valentino Rossi look silly if he can get on him with a Ducati after Rossi’s disaster with that same bike.

He could try to win a world championship with another manufacturer, something not so many people have done -and his teammate Vale has.

Higher earnings! Money talks baby, and he’ll get a better salary in Ducati.

Rossi declared you need two balls to change for a bike like the Ducati, so let’s see. I’d personally think it would be a great move and would make the whole thing more interesting, so be it!




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