Ducati clash! Moto GP after Argentina and Michelin disaster

What a race we watched yesterday! Moto GP is getting  more and more interesting at a giant pace and we have to congratulate Marc Marquez for a glorious victory. The spaniard was unbelievable and did quite a quiet race being faster than hell and getting out of trouble asap.

The ones who were not so happy were the guys at Michelin -I imagine people at Bridgestone’s office clapping and cheering- nor were the guys at Ducati.

Lorenzo was the usual rocket at race start and quickly moved to first position, but something went wrong as he got soon delayed and overtaken by nearly everyone.

Misfortune caught him on his way, and when he doesn’t have a good, he normally crashes, and so he did this time. Better luck next time champ!

It was a fantastic race the one of Maverick Viñales, who might get Lorenzo’s bike for the next season… something we’ll discuss about later on in this blog. Viñales was unlucky as he also fell down, but he would have been in the podium had he lasted a bit longer on the track. We’ve got the future of this sport with this future champion, time will tell.

Bad times for Ducatisti when the two riders went down. Iannone, a bit more anxious and aggressive than Dovizioso pulled him off track when his bike failed to keep traction. The track was a bit wet and dirty and that’s why we had a few falls. Italian against italian is not a good strategy for Ducati.

Iannone touched Pedrosa at the start of the race, and now it was this… just metres away from the end of the race and having a taste of podium, they gave a second position to Rossi and a third to Pedrosa, who might have thought of divine intervention after all.

Iannone was later punished and got a penalty of three positions in the grid and one penalty point, so we’re talking about business here. I like his style, as long as he doesn’t interfere too much. Riders are supposed to be aggressive when they have to… but pushing another rider down is way too much to go.

Zero points for riders and Scuderia, not a good day for a Ducati which seems to be thinking of Jorge Lorenzo as a future rider…


Security is first, I understand, but having to cut a race five laps short is not nice for the viewers. In addition, not giving more than ten laps for the tyres to be safe and making the riders change the bike is a pain in the ass.

It was a weird race, like a flag to flag one with heavy rain, but why they heck don’t they solve these things earlier? Some say the only bike for which they security is not certain is the Ducati, as they power delivery of that beast is way too much…

Rossi and Marquez on the podium

They clapped each other, but they didn’t even look at themselves at any moment. I don’t think this is good for the sport, but well, Rossi’s second house can be called Argentina, and the audience there did not boo Marquez too much, but see? it is a fucking nightmare that the fact that he was not booed has to be remarked and not our daily bread.

Please guys, compete on the track, and get on well with one another at least in front of the cameras, little children watch that on the telly and it might not be the best example.

BTW, Pedrosa, as usual, not seen and mostly ignored…



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