The Battle Begins – Yamaha internal war between Rossi and Lorenzo

Great day at the races last night, great start of the new season and some questions answered, things like how long would the new Michelin tyres would last and who are the strongest riders of the paddock.


Lorenzo settled a pace that only Ducatis seemed to be able to keep up, but the cornering of the Yamaha’s sensational chassis, together with Lorenzo’s expertise made a different. Team mate Valentino Rossi wasn’t as fast, and had to end up outside the podium in the end, but only after a sensational 4th position and sending a clear message to his rivals. The Doctor is still here.

The Ducatis remained unchallenged at the first rounds, so everything became a battle between Yamaha and Honda. The blue ones took their chances and went for the Ducatistis Andrea Iannone and Andrea Dovizioso.

It was sad that Iannone, who was the fastest man on Earth by that time fell off his bike at what seemed a traction loss on the front wheel, something uncontrollable at the italian’s bike speeds.

But Dovizioso remained on the first positions and made a great second position after Lorenzo’s passed them and marked an unchallenged pace for the rest of the race.

Marc Marquez showed us his pace, and despite the fact he couldn’t beat Dovizioso, even after trying and keeping himself on second position just ahead of the italian for a while, but the Ducati has an incredible acceleration and nothing can get in front of them on the straight line. What a rocket!

Lorenzo made a clean victory, which is something he was longing for. Last year’s issues didn’t quite let them in a good position, and Rossi’s declarations didn’t really contribute, in addition to the incident involving both Yamaha team mates on Saturday, when Rossi accused Lorenzo of bad behaviour on the track.

But the mallorcan rider proved the fastest and noone can take it from him now. The races are disputed on the tracks, and Lorenzo crossed the line in first position. There was no dirty issues from any of the riders, and all undertakes were pristine, even Marquez passing Rossi, something the whole world was curious.

A Reflection

In some extent, Moto GP was a sport which didn’t have such debate terms. We know the rivalry between riders, but fans should never get involved into that. I wouldn’t like the hooligans invading this gentlemen’s sport at all. However; the insults you can find in social media and how some riders are sometimes booed worry me a lot.

Nevertheless, these guys are risking their lives on the track for our own satisfaction, and no matter with what bike your heart is travelling, we must respect everybody else.

So I believe we should all contribute to a better atmosphere around races. And in that regarding, Mr Valentino Rossi, probably the best rider in History, should ease his comments or not disclose his understandable anger in public.

I cannot imagine how the managing section of Yamaha can handle a team with two stars not looking at each other if it is not for an argument.

Please guys, give us the fiercest battles on the track, show us you can make it with fair play, and let the microphones for other purposes. Anything else goes in detriment of this sport.


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