Friends & Enemies on two wheels

Most bikers agree that you make friends riding, going to events and being a biker 24/7, but we also get in trouble quite often!

Wearing a patch doesn’t make you antisocial or a psychopath, and that’s something not everyone understands. The great series Sons of Anarchy has shown a world not may can understand or interpret.

The motorcycle scene is not like a TV show, you have to be stupid to believe that, the same way we do not believe Rambo can end up an entire army on his own.

MC’s have their own problems and nobody is entitled to judge them unless you’re in. What this post is all about is about the fact that two guys on wheels can be best friends or great enemies for not apparent reason.

I have seen people risking their life just to overtake another biker, and I have been alone and stranded and I’ve only got the help of another biker. Passion is passion and feelings are so strong they change our moods and our behaviour.

Sport bike guys seem to dislike guys on cruisers and son on… but put them together and they would soon share the thrill of the road and become friends in most circumstances.

When you are alone, lost and in trouble on any road below the sky, only another biker will really help you. We might have problems sometimes, but we’re basically brothers and sisters in a two wheeled commune.


2 thoughts on “Friends & Enemies on two wheels

  1. So true…Most of the time I ride with other cruisers but would love to share the road with the crotch rockets as well. To be honest, I normally cant keep up with them.


    • Those are big words!
      I sometimes ride with sport bikes and I can sometimes keep up the pace as well, but only sometimes. I’ve found out that guys wearing new leathers and shining bikes are normally rookies and even a cruiser can make them have a cold sweat.
      The philosophy on this website is that we all have more in common than what’s separating us and we are brothers and sisters of the two wheels.

      See you on the Road!


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