Multicultural XDiavel

So the Ducati XDiavel has been already tested by well known sites and journalists… obviously not this one… but by others worth testing bikes 😉 Wanna see it?

Click below and discover four fantastic videos about the new XDiavel!

We’re making a little tour of the lucky guys who have tried it, and we can start with Italy, it’s an italian machine isn’t it? so what they heck are they doing in California?

An Italian review

An English review done from the land of the cruisers… what would the guys at the other side of the pond think?

A French review,

In German

…and in Spanish… well, it seems no spaniard was allowed to ride it!

Hire me for a test ride!!!! I can ride it beautifully and I can make it in both Spanish and English!!!!

See you on the road guys!



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