Retro Málaga

There’s nothing better than spending your Sunday surrounded by a bunch of gasoline maniacs, retros cars and vintage motorcycles every fucking where!!!

Welcome to a tour of the best bikes we could see on the Retro Málaga Festival

There was a time in which men were men, motorbikes leaked oil and life was not as complex as the rubbish we have these days, welcome to the past…

It was a must go event having such a cool thing in the Costa del Sol, so I packed my stuff on the motorbike and headed to Malaga on a very windy morning.

I passed a guy riding this great Royal Enfield I later found at the event’s parking lot for classic vehicles.

As it was not only an event to exhibit the old bikes, but to ride them. Many showed up on two wheels and the environment was great there full of gasoline maniacs all around.

I leave you a selection of photos to have a look around what the guys brought there.

As you can imagine lots of old Beemies, a great BMW GS, the first model issued, lots of Spanish brands such as Bultacos, Derbis, Montesas… real heaven!

Some local customisers were there, and I really got hooked to this old Sanglas in a Brat Style by Voodoo Garage.

The parking lot was reserved to classic vehicles and MC’s and you could see quite interesting devices there too!

And there was a time when racing was for a very few, but their bikes were easy machines which just needed lots of guts to speed up!

I can imagine Angel Nieto riding one of these and getting another World Championship for Spain, our 12+1 world champion rode many Derbis in his career.

There was also place for some more american style award-winning machines, but  nothing really touched my heart more than the little yellow bicycle you can see below.

I haven’t told many people but that Motoretta was my first ride ever! A chopper like bicycle with huge handlebars which now seems so small to me, but appeared huge back then.


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