The X Diavel revealed

It caused me a great expectation to discover Ducati had designed a new Diavel for 2016, one much more cruiser like… do you think this bike is really a cruiser?

Image result for x diavel

Indian and Harley Davidson defined what a cruiser bike is long way back in time. The design was so effective and good looking it has survived up to our time making a niche of its own many riders love.

A cruiser is all about look and a laid back position nowadays. It’s amazing how its design has captured the love of outlaws, police forces, old guys who only ride on Sundays and nearly every type of person out there.

But sport bikes took over young people’s need for speed and the thrill of the throttle, and cruiser like bikes had to readapt to that. The V-Rod, the X-Max or the Rocket III and probably the best examples.

What nobody expected was Ducati issuing what they call a cruiser, and got me under a few arguments holding a beer in a pub, whether that thing is a cruiser or not. I believe it is… a futuristic interpretation probably, but I believe it is… but it seems even the guys at Ducati doubted it, so here comes their latest cruiser approach!


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