Where the glacier meets the sky

The essence of adventure motorcycling…

Shawn Edmonson is the kind of guy I’d love to have a chat with, we could talk about travelling, the meaning of life, how to capture breathtaking images while riding and what made him embark in of the most beautiful motorcycle trips I’ve ever heard of…

What I like the most about Shawn is that he is a normal guy. A family father who decided to get involved in his own dreams in an affordable and possible way. This is not Ewan McGregor with the BBC backing him up and in incredible budget. So I believe it is something plausible and therefore which makes us dream of doing it.

It is also a sociological journey through people we don’t really get to know, a cultural trip to the end of the world and a heck of a ride through lonely and perilous roads. I strongly suggest anyone -involved in motorcycles or not- to watch this amazing and low budget pearl. Enjoy.


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