The Scrambler Effect

I cannot ignore the fact that I am and have always been a Scrambler fan

CBSix50 Concept

So I am happy with the big amount of new Scramblers coming to town!

For the first time in my life fashion followed me. I can be considered something fashionable these days as this headbanger behind the keyboard on this humble blog is a bearded biker, so many might call me a hipster now… but just a headbanger I promise!

The BMW R nine T received a Scrambler revision just to introduce the new Scrambler this 2016

But being faithful to the original we have the great Triumph Scrambler which we still haven’t from it about 2016 and the 1200cc engines…

But you can Scrambler everything

CBSix50 Concept

CBSix50 Concept is the Honda Scrambler for 2016

bmw el toro - 1419335969PH182

But the real concept of a Scrambler or a desert sled is to take a motorbike and transform it into something cool and capable of off roading. So it is how this all began. But the industry said ‘let there be modern classics’ and modern classics were invented.



ducati scrambler


It is the appeal for adventure, the pure and classic riding many of us got running through our veins and a way to emulate times when men were men and when riding was a heroic thing whatsoever… but I honestly prefer Babila on the Scrambler rather than my grandpa, don’t you?




So if you have a Scrambler and you’re taking pictures of it with beautiful women on it, you should be snow riding or getting dirt, otherwise I don’ t see why you would have a Scrambler…

Adventure comes in many dresses, and getting dirty with the -let’s be honest- least off road capable bike is to have a pair of balls sitting on the seat. That’s why despite the fact I love the BMW GS 1200, I think the toughest ride would be a world tour on a Scrambler…



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