It’s actually been a long while since I last fell off the bike…

…but you and I know shit happens. I’m actually posting about this rubbish after talking to a good friend and fellow rider with whom I’ve shared a couple of miles, and I had to listen how he nearly lost his life the other day.

A car passed on his bike and missed him for very little. Had he been hit by the car… Better not to think about it really. It was in one of the most famous twisty roads of Spain, where we all go at all times to get some doses of cornering and dramatic landscapes.

We are here now, but we’ll all be dead one day. Bikers are more aware of this than most people who are not daredevils at all, but we are also sure of something society does not comprehend. My mum cannot still comprehend…

…the most premature death we could ever experience would be to take us away from our motorcycles.

A + F + B


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