The Thrill of the Throttle

Only those ones who have tasted the smell of a burning wheel, or smoking rubber and clutch friction can understand the feeling. Motorcycles are pure venom running through our veins…

They come in all different lifestyles, all different shapes and ideas, but they all come in a pure sensation and bring the highest dose of satisfaction. All of you, poets on two wheels, shape the world your way to make it better. All of us, poets on two wheels understand each other in way nobody else would.

We are the only ones who can fully understand ourselves, our heroes, our lifestyle. It feels like the entire world out there is just waiting for us to disappear, to vanish forever in the void. Too many times we’ve been pushed off, mistreated and feared for no other reason than being a soldier on two wheels. We bring peace and rumbling beauty, we bring speed and a whole lotta life… and only get disrespect or fake admiration.

Join the army…

A + F + B


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