The Triumph Revolution

New parallel twins to revolutionize the Modern Classic Industry

Triumph’s classics were a total revolution in the market. A company with a huge heritage decided to re-issue the legendary machines that wrote the history of motorcycles, but it was just aesthetically, as their hearts were of a modern motorcycle with modern technology, and the legend was reborn.

Soon after they issued the first Bonneville, the story goes on an on. EFI systems were installed, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi and nearly every brand out there tried to have their own interpretation of their own classics and the Hipster around the world became happy. The classic Café Racer scene was back once again.

I really loved that move from the industry as I love classic bikes and the scene was overcrowded by choppers and bobbers, but nothing else. At least we have BratStyle bikes, Cafés, Scramblers and all that now. But people get bored easily and they claim more and more power delivery.

The Ducati Scrambler is a clear example of how a good looking bike can be more powerful than the average classic, and it seems that Triumph was a bit backwards on that regarding with the incredible -but now small- 865cc parallel twin.

I ride a Triumph Speedmaster, a custom bike with the parallel twin and I can tell you it pulls pretty decently and I am quite happy with it. It’s no sport engine but it rocks sufficiently to make it a very lively and fun to ride bike.

I was excited by the gossip earlier this year, and the spy shots, and I really think these bikes will make a difference in the market. I might get one bonneville myself, one of these enhaced new ones.



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