Rossi and Marquez in Valencia… have we forgotten Lorenzo???

Valentino Rossi comes with a total of 312 points to sunny Spain, and 4 victories. Behind him, and playing at home, comes Jorge Lorenzo with a total of 305 points and 6 victories. We do not know anything about any possible sanction to Valentino Rossi, and believe there’s not much risk of rain in Spain. I don’t live far from Valencia and the Mediterranean coastline currently has a lovely weather.

Valentino Rossi might get an advantage if it rains, not in vain he’s the most experienced rider in the category and probably the best in history -so far. So we would still have a good chance to get in a position in which he still wins the world championship, second if Lorenzo wins.

But it is a bit too much to say as Valentino Rossi will have to start last in the grip due to the penalty for ‘going wide’ in a corner in the last race. Accusations of kicks and not very fair play are here and there these days.

What made a nine-time world champion make such an action? Don’t ask me why, but I got some gossip from the paddock… and some claim Marc Marquez beat Valentino’s record in his own house, being two seconds faster! and Valentino could not handle that.

I wish I knew what’s going on inside a world champion’s mind, but I guess it must be difficult to see how a new generation of younger riders get you out of the way. Valentino was once a young promise, but he’s a hero now. Having the mind of a champion you can never accept that.

And what really worries me now is what would happen if Jorge Lorenzo wins…

Could Lorenzo 99’s victory be shadowed by other issues?

Jorge Lorenzo is one of the most hated riders in Spain. Don’t ask me why as I don’t get it. I am Spanish and I have always been extremely proud of him. I consider him to be one of the best riders in history and numbers speak by themselves. We are stupid in Spain, and we sometimes get blind and badmouth our own boys and girls.

Pedrosa has always been a favourite for the Spanish audience, and he’s undeniably great in everything he does, which doesn’t mean Lorenzo does not deserve his two world championships in Moto GP. The future can belong to Marc Marquez -or not- but the present is under the Spartan banner. I will be very proud to see him crowned world champion for the third time in his career.

I know many would say it was not his merit, but hadn’t it been for his bad start this year, he’d be champion already. He’s a beast making perfect lap after perfect lap and no one approaches his pace when he’s in a good day. Get ready world!

Whether Rossi or Lorenzo win, whether Marquez and Rossi argue or kiss each other, whether Pedrosa makes another strike and wins everybody else easily…

There’s something I would like to express, please guys, let’s make it clean! No more rubbish, motorbikes are dangerous enough as to push each other out.

Let the best win this race



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