Indian Chief Dark Horse


Motherfuckers like me sometimes get lucky, and one more time there I was with a great chance to try a great motorcycle

I nearly burst into tears when I knew I’d have the chance to ride a torquey beast with an Indian motorcycle logo on it. The Dark Horse Chief Indian is an extremely beautiful machine, with all the characteristics we typically admire from Indian Motorcycle and one of the best heritage in motorcycle world.

The bike is a large and heavy machine, which is so well balanced feels like half its weight. The first impression when leaving my tiny Triumph Speedmaster and getting on the much bulkier Indian was I was still riding the same weight. However; you can easily feel it is a longer and bigger bike.

Foot platforms do not have a heel lever for gearing, which I missed, and the rear break pedal is a bit out of reach, but this is no sport bike, so who the hell would need to brake fast!

The bike feels light and it handles very well for a bike that long and heavy. The first impression is that it is a piece of cake on the open road. It worked decently cruising through Marbella downtown, but this bike is built for the open road. It is so torquey you can pretty much ride it in any gear at all speeds. 6th is a total overdrive which allows a relaxed riding mode and it is so comfy that I could remain on that solo seat forever. I didn’t use the cruise control, as I only covered a short distance, but it is a feature the bike has.

The heritage of Indian Motorcycles can be felt in every rumble of that powerful V-Twin 1800cc displacement. It brakes decently, it accelerates very well, despite the little push it intentionally delivers when it starts off, the smooth engine is so torquey and powerful it seems it would never be out of power. It surprised me how well it pulls once rolling. I’d say some punch at the beginning would increase the motorcycle character. The matte black makes it look a bit badass and that would do with the aesthetic.

The best thing about the bike, it’s an incredible 21st Century Indian

The worst, it comes at 23 grand in Europe, so a bike for big balls guys who earn the big money… I might get one…

Thanks to the guys at Siebla Marbella for the opportunity:


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