Valentino Rossi Marc Marquez Clash

46 Vs 93

Sepang Circuit saw one of the most disturbing pages of motorcycle history ever when Valentino Rossi 46 allegedly kicked down Marc Marquez 93, but what was going on?

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Motorcycle move the passion we all have inside our souls. For humanity star Valentino Rossi has always been a matter of life and death and the end of a successful career. For ‘not so rookie now’ Marc Marquez a dream to achieve… and titans clash inside and outside of the tracks. It is very difficult for riders to remain friends after the high speed battles, and lives are always at risk.

Valentino Rossi accused Marc Marquez of annoying him, and deliberately slowing down his pace in previous races. He claims Marquez is angry at him after incidents involving both riders causing Marquez losing a race, or even falling down. Which part of this is true?

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Marc Marquez declarations leave everything clear, he was kicked off the bike. It that’s the case, it’s something unthinkable.

Valentino Rossi declarations, on the other hand, estate that he didn’t kick him off the bike.

These two guys are probably two of the most admired riders of all times for me, and it’s therefore difficult to express an opinion. After having thought of it a hundred times, I cannot help but thinking Marquez was a bit a pain in the ass, as riders are supposed to be, and as Rossi has done thousands of times.

I think Valentino Rossi, for the first time in his long career, has lost his nerves. He’s always been the best in keeping his mind clear, but pressure was bigger than him this time. We doesn’t want to admit it, as there is a world championship in play.

Some actions against Gibernau or Stoner were different, a bit too close to a dirty action, but clean by definition -as Marquez did- but in Sepang things were different. Can’t you remember when Biaggi elbowed you out Valentino? How did you feel? Frustration can lead to a dead body next to the track when talking about high speed sports.

I think he owes the motorcycle world an apology.

I hope this is not the end of the brightest star on two wheels, but I do not want a behaviour like this to occur ever again in a track, as that’s not what we should be teaching our younger riders.


3 thoughts on “Valentino Rossi Marc Marquez Clash

  1. I agree with your general position. I’ve watched Rossi for 15+ years. I was hoping he would win the Championship against Lorenzo. Unbelievably, after Australia race where MM risks a lot in last lap to beat Joege, Rossi accuses MM of helping JL. What? How do you help Jorge by beating him with amazing last lap?

    Let’s face it, VR has played mind games before and won. However, his target this time was MM and he didn’t fold. VR, unfortunately, the pressure was too great for you this time. Stress creates the environment for poor decision making.

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