A bold move

I remember it was some time ago, I was once wandering just how I would deal with the Triumph motorcycle company if by any chance, the company were mine… yeah I have such a strange thoughts sometimes.

So I thought that a bigger, more powerful version of the classic parallel twin should be designed, so we could either choose between a regular Bonneville, or a more torquey and faster one.

I don’t know whether they want to keep their current line up of 865cc parallel twins -which are cool, funny and easy- or if it’s going to be a total renovation of all classic and mid size custom models.

In the meanwhile, I can only dream of a 1200cc Speedmaster and 100bhp which are roughly the numbers that will be launched in 2016… some spy shots!

On the pic above, taken from Cycle World, we can see what’s supposed to be a Bonnie or a Thruxton with the new engine, which looks pretty much the same from this perspective, but as the bikes corners…

…we can see a radiator! so this bike is obviously liquid cooled, which is a first for a classic at Triumph’s, so it’s not going to be that classic now. However; I think it will rock the roads and technology is always an improvement, and it’d work better than the oil radiator they have now.

Having said that, look at the pic taken by Motorcycle.com, what the hell is that????

Well, probably one of the coolest motorcycles about to be launched next year, if not the coolest of all, if the model with this soft tail is to be released it is going to be a great platform for customizers all around the globe to work on. It’s a pity losing the rear seat -you know… a sarcastic pity- but it is so bloody cool I nearly burst into tears when I saw it… and it’s just a prototype!

Imagine it when it’s all done, gleaming and rumbling down the roads, so who cares if that’s liquid cooled? So is the Rocket III, the Harley Muscle Rod and the new Indians.


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