10 Reasons why riding motorcycles rocks

Reason 1: Two Balls

You need two balls to ride a motorcycle, unlike playing tennis or football, activities in which only one single ball is needed

Reason 2: Life Sucks

Life’s a bitch and we’re all fed up of doing the same old stuff day after day, get on a bike and get suckers lost forever. You’ll hang around with cool people and you’ll be doing cool stuff at all times.

Reason 3: Cars are Ugly

Those moving cages we see commuting are bloody ugly devices. I know they are necessary, but once you want to be stylish not even a Ferrari can match an old greasy motorcycle.

Reason 4: Knights

Middle Ages had knights, brave and adventorous people who ruled the world. They haven’t dissapeared, it’s us riding iron horses now!

Reason 5: Faster, Cleaner, Better

No other vehicle is faster or moves cleaner in traffic than a bike.  Therefore it is the very best mean of transport in history… and will always be no matter what shit is to be invented in the future.

Reason 6: You Make a Difference

You will not stand out of the crowd getting off a cage, if you wanna be seen you gotta be riding! Motorcycles are eye catching.

Reason 7: Loud Pipes Save Lives

Motorbikes enhance the world with beautiful engine music, the louder the better! No better way of scaping a noisy city noise than pulling the throttle and make your ride scream.

Reason 8: You Only Live Once

So are you going to spend your life indoors? C’mon and get some fresh air and enjoy life. Nothing is more liberating than a motorcycle along an open road. Experience life.

Reason 9: Be there at all times

You get in a car, a train, a plane… and you dissapear from one spot to appear in another one. On a motorcycle you get the scent of smells, the wind, the weather… and you are wherever you are in every moment. Live the Present, Carpe Diem!

Reason 10: No Fake

There are no posers on motorcycles, you are either a biker or you would never put your ass on one!


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