Women on Bikes

As a man and as an enthusiast, I would always support women riders, because this story has been far too long mostly a man’s thing, and it’s boring.

You women inspire us in every possible way, you add the courage, the beauty, the reason and the brain to this move, and here are some examples of riders who inspire me, who I follow on instagram and who make me wanna ride after watching their videos… enjoy!

It is stupid to point this out, but not so to some bastards out there, what you listen, is pretty much what a biker says all the time, no matter you’re a man or a woman, we’re all persons aren’t we?

‘…when you jump on a bike, you gotta realise that you might not be getting back off that bike.’

Women are strong!

And competitive too!!!! C’mon Laia, C’mon!!!!!!

Laia Sanz is by far my favourite female rider!!! It’s not easy to become a famous rider in the country of Marc Marquez right? Keep an eye on her as you will be the first woman to win a Dakar.

More videos to come, keep hooked to the AFB


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