Modern world has brought ammenities to us, it has brought comfort, balance and security… but has it brought adventure? Has it brought life?

There was a breaking point in history when Mr Ted Simon decided to flee from the UK and became a traveller on two wheels, the time when we learnt a motorcycle has a soul.

We can easily forget we were born in Africa, all of us. We left the continent for whatever reasons and we reached all parts of this vast world. We are a nomad species who settled, who challenged, who invented. Only us tamed horses to ride on their backs, only us built two wheelers to feel the joy of freedom.

Don’t waste your life dying on a couch. Ride through the mountains and deserts, through the seas and oceans, through the landscapes of the world besides danger, weather and sloth, ’cause we are all going to die in agony, but not all are going to live in joy.


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