Ducati Multistrada

I got to ride a Multistrada 1200 the other day and I felt what Italian power is like

Italians have a taste for speed we can get in every vehicle they manufacture

I ride a Speedmaster, which we can consider fast compared to other cruisers, but not when we put it in the realm of sport bikes, so it was a lot of fun for me.

The bike is responsive and fun, it delivers the power with a strong v-twin sound and nice vibrations that add more fun to the whole experience

I couldn’t ride it off road, but I think the bike is more suited for the road and it won’t have as much off road capability as a BMW GS, but Ducati was born for the open road.

It feels an all purpose bike I wouldn’t mind riding longer, future will say!


3 thoughts on “Ducati Multistrada

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