The Café Racers, Steampunk culture and all the retro scene

What makes old devices look so cool?

We are living a revival of old stuff we now call vintage, but those objects used to be just old right?

The Triumph Bonneville is the perfect example of the tendency, and probably the beginning of all this movement. The model was originally designed back in the 60’s, or even before that if we take into account the old T-100s, and it redefined the motorcycle world back them.

Technology and Japanese bikes took over the old brands and they finally had to shut down, except for Harley Davidson. But most of them were reborn once again to please all of the bike lovers. The reason is simple and obvious, they look great!


Everything that ends in punk is just cool innit? It is a similar revolution in literature, cinema and aesthetics with the steampunk guys who dress as a futuristic Victorian society.

But what the heck is a futuristic Victorian society? A parallel universe which never occurred, of course.

Here are some vintage things when you Google the word vintage.


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